B-25 Detail

Robert Spellman ink line drawings of faces in motion.

I was recently moving some things around in the studio, which included the partial disassembly of a large, nine-panel painting of a World War II B-25 bomber (known popularly as the Mitchell bomber). The painting is a work in progress on a surface started some time in 2003. When I caught a glimpse of these three panels they looked complete, at least for the moment. So here you are. It's all part of learning to avoid being stuck on a particular outcome, in this case that the painting should be completed as a nine-panel job. Perhaps it will but at this stage it holds its own as three.

Music of the Moment

This one is called Oryzopsis. Oryzopsis is the genus name of grasses from China and North America that resemble rice in different ways. As usual, the name of this composition has nothing at all to do with the grass itself; I just like to say the name.

I add one of these compositional sketches with each Moonblog entry on the new and full moon. I also have a page with more of this musical work in progress. Go here for a listen.

New Moon ~ June 28th, 2022