Dawn Studies

My friend Michael Shannon Moore says that he's been painting the same landscape since the late 1960s. Some novelists say they write the same story over and over. Same with many composers. The action in the Homeric epics is punctuated by many elegant descriptions of the dawn. I've had a lifelong affinity for daybreak and its delivery of new possibilities.Robert Spellman painting of a tin cup with water

The paintings following are actually details from previous paintings; the alert viewer may detect that they are lifted straight out of the Helios series, viewable elsewhere on this site. (I could have put a link right there, but I'm urging my fellow beings to enjoy the possibility of finishing things and not be jumping all over the place! You can find the Helios paintings on the Portfolio link at the top of this and every page.) Mining my own paintings may be a form of editing. Or cannibalism. Or maybe just laziness. In any case I hope to be turning these small studies into larger works some time before exiting the planet.