These links will take you to friends, associates, and organizations that might be of interest. Joan Anderson is my wife and interlocutor. Naropa University is where I teach in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Buddhist Geeks is a website with a large, easily accessed library of audio programs and interviews with contemporary Buddhist teachers and commentators. (I appear in several episodes: in one I'm interviewed by Vince Horn; another is a conversation with the late and venerable John Daido Loori, abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery in Tremper, NY.) Gentle Voice is an online magazine featuring articles of interest about the contemporary film maker and Buddhist teacher Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche; the link here will take you to a short piece about me that resulted from my 2011 trip to India to give drawing lessons to Dzongsar Rinpoche. The New York Times links you to an article about Naropa University in which I appear. Art & Soul Gallery represents my work in Boulder. Food on the Food is a food blog unlike any other. Linda Fleming is an artist, teacher and old friend, as is her husband Michael S. Moore. Mike Tracy is an artist and teacher in California who draws prolifically. The Awakened Eye website and blog is an excellent repository of art, musings, and guidance for creative people. I recommend Claire Dederer's best selling book Poser; it's a wise, humorous, and highly readable memoir; I make a brief and funny appearance in the book. Also, there is another painter named Robert Spellman! He has an art gallery in Des Moines, Iowa (USA.) I don't believe we are related; but do visit his website and tell him hello for me.