Pewter Salt & Pepper

Robert Spellman painting of a set of pewter salt and pepper shakers.

This diptych of salt and pepper shakers is currently on view at the Buddhist Arts and Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado. I'm happy to be part of this event, both as an exhibiting artist and as a panelist along with the Ven. Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche and Barbara Dilley. I'm also looking forward to the many films and presentations that the event offers. One of them is a demonstration of virtual reality that gives you the opportunity to step off a plank many stories over a city street. I'm not sure I'll be able to live through this: I can barely look at photographs of steel workers walking on I-beams eighty floors above the street. Maybe I'll stick with the films. Read more about the Buddhist Arts and Film Festival. Oh, and if you missed the price list for the paintings I have in this exhibition, here it is.

Full Moon ~ June 27th, 2018