Os Pisões

A Robert Spellman watercolor copy of an 1837 James Holland painting.

In my watercolor classes I encourage the practice of copying. This is a very old and reliable way of learning to paint, or learning to do anything for that matter. During this week's class I started the above copy of a James Holland painting from 1837. His painting is called Os Pisões, which in Portuguese means something like “The Fulfillment Mill”. Sometimes when doing this practice I have a wonderful experience of vividness - as though I am in the very place where this was painted so long ago. I think this vividness was embedded right within the original painting itself because of the vividness of the artists perceptual experience in the moment. I wonder if this kind of perception is in danger of being lost in the easy availability of digital imaging. It's so easy to snap a picture that we don't take the time to look at things with any kind of depth or duration.

New Moon ~ March 17th, 2018