Himachal Pradesh

Robert Spellman drawing on a print; it looks like a snow storm on a mountain.

This is another of a series of doctored gelli prints. I'm thinking of calling these “retronyms”, a word that actually means something a little different from how I'm using it. Retronym here means something named later, for example, after some accidental marks seem to look like something. They can look surprisingly intentional. It can save a lot of work!

I'm calling this one “Himachal Pradesh”, a state in northern India in the Himalayan foothills. There was a terrifying landslide there a few days ago caught on video. Huge boulders racing down a hillside and destroying a footbridge over a raging river. Several tourists died when their car was crushed. Among them was a beloved young doctor named Deepa Sharma, who moments before had tweeted triumphant images of herself in the mountains.

Music of the Moment

This is a sketch, which for the moment I'm calling Start No. 154. I've been experimenting with a new set of digitally sampled string instruments from the famous museum in Cremona, Italy. It's a bit haunting to be “playing” these instruments, some of which are from the 1600s and priceless. This particular compostion also has a marimba along for the ride.

I've started adding one of these compositional sketches with each Moonblog entry on the new and full moon. I also have a page with more of these compositions in progress. Go here for a listen.

Full Moon ~ July 23rd, 2021