Pitcher Drawing on Recovered Titanic Stationary

Robert Spellman gelli print; a bunch of randomly generated shapes that could suggest a snowy scene in the forest

This is a pencil drawing on what is being called stationary recovered from the Titanic. This is of course, another fraudulent claim. The evocation of a drawing on ancient, distressed paper is, however, plausible. I suppose this could be related to the kinds of tricks deployed by magicians, politicians, and spiritual sophists; all woven in persuasive yet baseless feasibility. This can be a lot of fun or quite dangerous in ways that are evident in the daily news cycle.

Music of the Moment

This one is called Leah. I can't remember why I called this one “Leah”, but so it goes.This one uses a range of instruments from glasses to orchestral simulations.

I have a page with more of these compositions in progress. Go here for a listen.

New Moon ~ June 10th, 2021