Cortina de Sol

A Robert Spellman photograph of afternoon sunlight coming through curtains.

This is a photograph of afternoon sunlight coming through curtains. I've done watercolors of this same phenomenon. Some visual experiences arise unexpectedly out of everyday life. I wouldn't try to assign any specific meaning to this but it does leave a question: why do some sensory experiences stir us? The stirring seems to be something other than a reflex of liking and disliking. Perhaps our being stirred is a momentary suspension of assumptions, the dropping of conceptualized frameworks. The absence of assumptions and frameworks allows phenomena to appear freshly, without the dressings we arbitrarily assign to them. I think this could happen with anything – even with the most ordinary things. In fact, any expectation of fantasticness is a pretty sure guarantee that not much will happen; or as Samuel Johnson said, “There is nothing more hopeless than a scheme of merriment.”

Full Moon ~ March 12th, 2017