1937 Buick

Robert Spellman triptych painting of a 1937 Buick

This is a painting of a 1937 Buick Century Coupe. Driving one of these around town would have been a fine way to show off in the midst of a depression. At the time, a new Century Coupe went for $1,524, a tidy sum in those days. According to the CNN Money page, “General Motors was among the first automakers to put real emphasis on design in creating its new cars. An example is the Buick Century which was also one of the first examples of what would later be called a "muscle car." It was one of Buick's smallest cars but it had the biggest available engine, a 130 horsepower 8-cylinder that helped give the car a 100 mile per hour top speed.” It is still a handsome car. One of these today can fetch $75,000, probably a lot more than this painting will ever sell for.

Music of the Moment

Here is a musical composition I've been working on. Let's say it's for this moon. It's called Aaron. For two pianos and string ensemble.

I've added a new page with more of these compositions in progress. Go here for a listen.

New Moon ~ March 6th, 2019